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The enthusiastic discussion on whether street-style is a passing trend or here-to-stay has been concluded. Describe it as you wish - sports-luxe, hi-end athletica or club-culture cool – it’s no longer just a statement by minor celebs on their regular jog in Hyde Park. Today, elements of street-style are liberally mixed with sharply tailored office gear and sleek evening outfits. Even the most sought-after designer brands, from Prada and Chanel to Dior and Givenchy, have opted to include trainers, sweatshirts and tracksuit trousers in their runway shows season after season.

Fashion insiders consider one infamous brand, inspired by 1990s skateboarding culture, as comparable to Hermes in term of exclusivity and design philosophy. That’s because both brands are highly prized, it’s close to impossible to access their products, and both companies (while hardly ever releasing new lines) boast timeless designs that have become icons. Many of these renegades will announce their latest launch on social media pages (not just the date but the exact hour of the day) and it’s not unusual to see fans patiently queuing up outside.

Last year, a highly acclaimed small designer’s long-awaited trainer collaboration with Nike resulted in a riot among waiting fans. Even if it’s just a basic white tee with iconic logo or a Birkin bag, you must be prepared to fight with hardcore fashionistas to get your hands on these limited edition goods. Another brand refuses to showcase its wares on any of the notable runway shows, yet almost every A-list celebrity has been observed sporting its label at some point. Other labels have dabbled in furniture and readymade products to reinforce their philosophy into lifestyle. 

Some of the more hip-hop inspired collections provide a timely disco-punk style and it’s easy to imagine getting some decent club pieces from these labels. Alternatively, darker goth interpretations of sportswear cool are rife. Expect graphic prints of native Latin American motifs, and construction styles featuring simple silhouettes with abstract technical details. One well-established designer takes inspiration from the city of Venice and blends traditional Italian craftsmanship with a slick, contemporary sensibility.

Unisex trainers are undoubtedly for the fashionably turned out. Simple, no-fuss shoes in subdued colours combine comfort with solid proportions. Most companies build rubber soles in layers, but it is possible instead to use a single rubber mould with air holes in multiple places to help with weight distribution. A Swedish designer is famous for this innovation. To celebrate his achievement, he placed a cork footbed on top, to signify his appreciation for Birkenstocks! Examples could be multiplied here, but evidently unisex is a clear trend in street-wear for the years ahead.

While essentially a menswear label, London Attitude is equally coveted and our street-wear is easily adopted by women.

Street style
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