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The most likely street style trends of London in 2019 are becoming clear by now - just think back to the last round of fashion shows and the adjacent street style scene.This time last year, the company was quick to uncover telltale signs of the trends that were set to prevail. All of those looks are still going strong. A key word is neutral. A menu of neutrals sounds quite bland but in reality a creamy dish can be highly palatable – a detail proven by the fete of magnolia outfits on display during the British capital’s show season.

Head-to-toe neutrals work when a range of tones are used. Try wearing camel, coffee and off-white in tandem instead of just one-note. You don’t want to look like a blanket-laden sand raider from Star Wars! The simplest way to pull off the look is by selecting two shades: wear a lighter sweater or tee to break up a two-piece, or darker legwear to contrast your top. Either way, you’ll build a tonal look using staples that should already be available in your wardrobe: your camel coat, coffee chinos and more. Neutrals are a safe choice but also versatile, and thus preferable to trend-led colours.

The shift towards neutrals also gives you the chance to introduce some texture. Another trend as the weather improves will be linen. Next to cotton, it’s one the coolest fabrics for summer. When selecting your next jacket or trousers, bear this in mind! Layered t-shirts have been popular for a while now, and we don’t expect that to change. There are two approaches – firstly the classic crew neck t-shirt under a blazer. Alternatively, the unconventional low scooping tank top t-shirt most often seen under a button-up with several buttons unbuttoned. Both should work well in summer.  

The neckerchief trend took us by surprise in the last 18 months. In London this is typically more associated with the younger, street-wise and voguish fashion set – they have staked their claim to this traditionally older look, while also bridging the gap between tailored and edgy. Finally, we expect to see lots of coloured coats around the city streets. Londoners are tired of the colour shortage in winter and are tackling the dullness personally. You can achieve an instant lift by using a brighter hue on top - and standout with something cheerful and memorable amid the sea of grey.

Fortunately, the rules are simple with coloured coats. Stick to classic outerwear (perhaps a worker jacket, bomber or overcoat) to contain the vibrancy in a tried-and-tested, fail-safe shell. Then, ensure it’s your only dash of colour: any more and you will hurt the eyes of bystanders. Don’t add that daring pink puffer jacket to the shopping cart just yet! Rich, autumnal shades like burnt orange, burgundy and forest green are simpler to wear, and directly on-trend this year. Just remember to take into account your skin tone before you pull the trigger on any new acquisition.

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