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From London to Paris to New York, texture will come to be a defining characteristic of 2019. Heavy-gauge knitwear and tactile outerwear can add interest and memorability to staple items. It isn’t as difficult as you might think to pull this look off; the trick is to dial down on colour, detail and embellishment to make texture your headline act. The goal is to make use of multiple fabrics to bring depth to an outfit without going too overboard. Some materials are more challenging than others - but corduroy, suede and shearling are three easy to wear options.

As rapper Ice Cube once famously declared, ”You’d better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” After seeing a barrage of squared-off pieces at this season’s shows, that would seem like enlightened fashion advice for the coming year. Although usually restricted to the odd accessory, checks are now worn en masse in fully coordinated looks: shirts, scarves, coats and trousers. A brash statement, but also one that creates volume and depth using classic pieces. More conservative dressers might add a navy windowpane jacket to go with blue trousers.

At the close of 2017, vintage checks were trending heavily for women. Now they’ve been embraced by the gents and are proudly on display everywhere you look - from men’s trousers to jackets and even caps. You can take inspiration from Savile Row tailoring checks, but use them as outerwear to make the look less formal. Wear contrasting sizes and colours for a more-is-more approach. Or if you’re aiming for a full-body check-up, ensure every piece is of the same pattern with at least one item (perhaps a plain t-shirt or jumper) to offset the gridlock.

Despite a resounding thumbs-down from the conceited end of men’s style, tailoring and sportswear is here to stay – and it has never looked better. A hoodie and overcoat are compatible thanks to the widespread relaxation of dress codes. Just as a structured coat can add brilliance to any outfit, sportswear calms down any look for a convenient, high-low approach to smart-casual. The idea is to keep things muted. A neutral overcoat in camel, navy or grey should work well with the rest of your wardrobe (and help the cost-per-wear ratio), but make sure the colours are complementary.

Over time the trusty bomber jacket has become less of a trend piece and more a bona fide wardrobe mainstay. Today, men are drafting in other elements borrowed from the armed forces worldwide. Camo accents and flight jackets are de rigeur, as are Dunkirk-inspired military overcoats placed over classic tailoring. If you’re not a huge fan of the full regalia, you can could simply opt for khaki. One approach is to pair these items with standard issue garb: bomber jackets with cargo trousers, or rugged boots with overcoats. Earthy palettes of brown, green and grey bring the look together.

If that’s a bit too extreme for your tastes, try anchoring one military-inspired piece against a flank of staples in neutral colours. If the military look is not your thing at all, the good news is that 2019 is expected to be a year of contrasts. Thankfully, gents can look forward to a rise in comfort dressing. As well as looser garment shapes, we imagine that soft fur, fleece, velvet and other tactile fabrics are set to be a huge hit. Perfect for the autumn and winter months, this trend looks best when matched with warm tones of brown as well as neutral white and black hues.

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